Xbox One Breaks UK Blockbuster Preorder Records


Record breaking. OR IS IT?!

According to, people have been eating up the Xbox One in the United Kingdom, as Blockbuster reports record-breaking preorders for Microsoft’s newest console. If you look at the article here (or the screenshot below), you notice that the head of the gaming branch of Blockbuster, James Morton, expresses his excitement and thanks for this level of enthusiasm from their customers. However, if you look at the article again, you notice some fishy stuff going on.


The original article. Credits to Ben Parfitt

For starters, the articles lacks numbers! If the Xbox One pre-orders were record breaking, why not tell us how many pre-orders they received? Maybe the number isn’t as high as they’d like us to think?

Second of all, Blockbuster. Just think of how many Blockbusters you’ve seen around your town and the popularity of Netflix. Blockbuster and other video rental stores have been dying out for quite a while since streaming videos  became more accessible for the majority. Most of my readers are from the U.S., so  this doesn’t really concern us, but for you UK readers, I doubt you guys are drowning in Blockbusters. Why go to the store and rent a movie when you can stream it instantly? It doesn’t matter what continent you’re on; it just makes more sense to stream than rent. given how poorly video rental stores are doing these days.

And finally, why would someone ever rent a console? Sure, you get to test run the console and the games and whatnot, but still. A RENTED console? Shit bro, make sure that motherfucker has been cleaned, disinfected, gotten its shots, and probably baptized, just to be safe.

Why would Blockbuster and Microsoft not release numbers? Is it to build suspense for some grand reveal? Or is it to hide embarrassing numbers? I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to see how this all ends up.

Now before I wrap this up, someone asked me if I hate Microsoft’s video game consoles. Well, no. If it’s your kind of platform then play it. I’m not going to judge you because of your console of choice. I might judge you on your library, but certainly not your console. I’ve never had an Xbox, and I only have an Xbox 360 because it was a gift for Christmas. I played a few of its exclusives and I had fun with it, but the PlayStation 3 and Wii had more exclusives that catered to my tastes. For the Xbox One, if you can get over the Kinect constantly spying on you, have fun with your new console. Personally, the idea of a camera constantly looking at me, conspiracy theories or not, is just unnerving. So there, I don’t hate any Xbox. I just preferred the other’s exclusives.


One of my favorite PS3 exclusives. I should do a favorite exclusives post sometime soon.


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