Kickstarter – A Hat in Time


Gears for Breakfast is trying to revive collect-a-thons. Feeling generous?

3D platformers and collect-a-thons are a rare breed these days, but back in the fifth generation of gaming, they were in their prime. The genre has fallen out of popularity in recent generations, but the team at Gears for Breakfast, a small dev team in Copenhagen, Denmark, is looking to revive the genre through its newly announced game: A Hat in Time. I would be fine with make a synopsis for you guys, but the lead developer, Jonas Kaerlev, made this video to explain everything for me.

This game looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun. I really loved Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie on the N64, so having a game taking inspiration from it appeals to me. The Kickstarter is going to have no problems being funded, as it’s almost met its minimum goal of $30,000 in no time at all, but hopefully people will donate enough for the dev team to give us some of the extra content they’ve promised.


Go for $50k people!

A Hat in Time is set for an early 2014 release date. Why not help out with a small donation? Although I’m not too fond of Kickstarter’s way of functioning, I’m giving them $15 so I can get a digital copy, since I love collect-a-thons. I’d rather not see the genre completely vanish, since they were a big part of the N64’s success. Plus Hat Kid and Mustache girl are just too adorable.



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