Monster Hunter 4 Update! 5/31 Nintendo Direct Trailer


Today a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 was showcased in Nintendo’s Japanese Nintendo Direct.

This video focuses on what monsters are going to be present in Monster Hunter 4. A slew of first generation monsters are returning stronger than ever along with some terrifying new additions to the universe. The poisonous Iodrome and Remobra, the rock-solid Basarios, and the fiery Gravios are all confirmed in this trailer to be returning from their last appearance in the second generation games. Along with them come some very interesting creatures making their debut in the fourth generation. Below I”ll list them off in order of their reveal, which also happens to be the order of their badassery.


Somehow I feel like he isn’t well-liked by hunters or monsters alike.

This little pissface is about the size of the Queen Vespoid from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, but looks a lot more capable in battle when compared to her highness. Boasting impressive speed and a pair of large frontal stabbing devices on his forearms. (har har), it utilizes its agility to best its foes. According to scans found on the Monster Hunter Wiki, this little guy’s name is currently Aruserutasu, but is subject to change at Capcom’s will. So far, it doesn’t look capable of a special attack aside from a globular slime attack, but time will tell.


I used to swear that sharks would grow legs and be responsible for human genocide. Looks like I was right once again.

What we have here is an amphibious shark-frog amalgamation that, quite contrary to the theory of a shark-frog fusion, is actually a really cool monster. Apparently it is an adult sized Sukuagiru, which are small shark-like creatures that vary in terms of developmental progress of legs. Young Sukuagiru simply slide on their belly, and grow front limbs with age. The lucky one who grow abnormally large become this monstrosity. It can swim through the ice with ease and uses its super developed legs to chase you down and swallow you up whole. It’s also able to shoot ice breath, cover itself in ice armor, and inflate his throat sac and use it for body slams. What’s scarier than a shark? A shark with goddamn legs and ice breath. Badass.



What’s pictured here is actually two monsters working in unison to make you shit yourself to Mars and back. The previously mentioned beetle monster, or Aruserutasu, is being held in the tail pincers of a large scorpion like monster with formidable front legs/pincers. If you look closely, it looks as if Aruserutasu could possibly be forced to help this monster like a hostage, but just the sheer fact that these monsters use coordination to some degree and work together in a fight is just fucking awesome, and is something that only one other pair of monsters in the entire series does with effectiveness. In most games, there are quests to fight two monsters together, but they don’t collaborate like the new insect-esque pair or Monster Hunter Frontier’s wolf like creatures, Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron. This pair takes it a step beyond though and pulls a fucking Voltron/Gurren Lagen and just combine up to become one giant death machine. Having a symbiotic pair of boss monster was always an idea that I’d hope for, and it’s finally happening. I just hope that in battle, the entire fight stops just to play a flashy as fuck combination cut scene like this:

An impressive number of old monsters are returning from older generation. I just hope that this doesn’t mean that the new content we will get will be limited due to returning monsters. For returning hunters who are curious of the monster selection, the confirmed returning roster is:

I honestly can’t wait for MH4 to be released. Now the question is: will I cave and buy a Japanese 3DS to play it early? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnngohgod.


Patient gamers being slammed by the MH4 hype.


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