New Deus Ex Game Falls Onto Mobile Devices


Hopefully the series won’t tank after this entry. All we can do is pray

Deus Ex is considered by many to be on of the best best PC games on the platform, and on of the best games in existence. The next game, Invisible Wars, is frowned upon as an unworthy sequel, and the third game, Human Revolution, is generally somewhere in the middle. While having its faults, the Deus Ex games definitely form a respectable series that many people love for its RPG elements.

The latest game in the series, Deus Ex: The Fall, has been teased all week on Edios-Montreal’s Twitter account and was finally revealed today. However, it bears some bittersweet news, as the latest title in the Deus Ex series has been reduced to a mobile game.

Having the developers move the Deus Ex series onto mobile platforms is such depressing news. Have you ever played a game with a first person view on an iPad? The controls are some of the worst I’ve seen considering you’re fingering a flat surface. Plus, what about the typical problems with mobile games: micro-transactions and lack of content? Deus Ex: The Fall has received a lukewarm welcome by fans and expectations for the future of the series look grim. Hopefully this won’t be as bad as we expect, or the series will really have taken a fall; a fall from its former glory. Pray hard, Deus Ex fans. Pray hard.


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