Konami Pre- E3 Show Recap


So today, Konami had their pre-E3 show for this year, which revealed more details on their newest works, including Metal Gear Solid V and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II

For the sake of not caring about Konami’s social gaming business (although it’s good their offices have expanded), I’m going to skip straight to the MGSV and Castlevania business.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


First off, the promised trailer for Metal Gear Solid V was not shown at the pre-show. I assume they’ve saved it for their actual E3 presentation, but it’s still kind of lame to be promised a trailer and not get one.

Second of all, and probably the most important thing from the pre-show, is that Keifer Sutherland,actor and director, has been confirmed for the voice actor of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, leaving many a fan ass-blasted about Hideo Kojima’s choice in actors. Given his work in the series thus far and being the original voice actor for Solid Snake and Naked Snake (and in turn, Big Boss) David Hayter, many fans were eager to see him return for MGSV.

“Wait wait. Solid Snake? Naked Snake? Big Boss? What?! Obe, explain!”

WELL, using my small knowledge on the Metal Gear Solid series, I can give some clarity (although I’m counting on Cheeks to correct me if I’m wrong). David Hayter was the original voice actor for both Solid Snake and Naked Snake, two very different people. Naked Snake later becomes Big Boss due to plot reasons, who Kiefer Sutherland has been confirmed to voice. This means that while Hayter was originally his voice, Naked Snake/Big Boss has been passed over to a different voice actor for this game, leaving Hayter and Solid Snake’s relationship currently ambiguous.

Knowing that Solid Snake has always been voiced by Solid Snake, I hope that Hayter stays Solid Snake at the least. If Solid Snake got a replacement, then I’d be kind of upset, but Kiefer Sutherland taking over Naked Snake/Big Boss is something I’m pretty neutral about. If Solid Snake DOES make some kind of appearance in MGSV, I hope Hayter gets over being disappointed in time to make an appearance.


Hint: No one liked new Coke.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II


Sadly, the buzz of Metal Gear Solid pushed  Castlevania to the side, but it still had a strong presentation, and even a new trailer. The newest Castlevania game is supposedly focusing on developing the character of Dracula and showing off the new engine. It also promises a an open world map system and enhanced combat. Konami also states that a demo will be available at their E3 booth, which I really wish I had tickets to. More details will be revealed at E3, so now all we can do is wait!


2 responses to “Konami Pre- E3 Show Recap

  1. The first Lords of Shadow had awesome voice acting and music. Gameplay, not so much. For the sequel, I suppose we’ll see.

    • I got the demo for it because I was really interested in it, but the QTEs and monotony really killed it for me. tried it at a friend’s house after release and nothing changed.

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