Road Rash 64 Memories


Ironically, one of the few EA games that I like.

Growing up, I played  Nintendo 64 and hung out with my cousins. a lot  We played a lot of 4 player games, and one that came up often was Road Rash 64. Originally on the Sega Genesis but ported around like a dirty whore, Road Rash could be considered one of my favorite racing games in the sense that no one takes it seriously, including the developers. Being a racing game, your goal is to obviously get first place, but you get to use a variety of weapons to beat the ever loving shit out of  the other racers.

Whether you take a golf club to someone’s face, or a giant prop banana between their spokes to send people flying, Road Rash 64 holds a special place in my heart as being a racing game that’s made me laugh so hard I couldn’t go on. Driving up to your friend and punching the shit out of him, then watching his ragdoll corpse go flying from the wreckage is something that really made parties fun. If only Road Rash got a good remake…


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