New Site Header Images!

So it was about time the site got some more header images, since the three I’ve been using, while satisfactory, have been longing for more companions. Therefore, I’ve granted their wishes and have made four new header images!


My personal favorite header out of the new batch. This is a picture of Sothe from the Wii’s Fire Emblem title, Radiant Dawn. Sothe dodges the incoming attack, but not in terms of animation. Don’t worry folks: javelins are like splinters. He’ll be fine.


My previous Mabinogi header makes its return. The old headers weren’t the right width for the new layout, so I had to scrap all of them; however, I’m slowly remakign them with proper dimensions, and this was the first one I’ve gotten to. This brave Paladin shall guard the blog from dragons and other evil forces once more!


I don’t even know where I found this image, but for God’s sake I love it. Armstrong Houston was a character from the Nintendo Power Metroid comics that always managed to cross paths with Samus. While non canon, Armstrong don’t give no fucks. Armstrong gonn’ fuck your spaceship up.


To end things with a bang, here’s a Super Smash Brothers Brawl screenshot of Snake blowing up Isle Delfino. I guess he got tired of his work conditions and decided to boycott against his employers.

As always, all of my headers are set to show randomly, so I hope you guys like seeing these new headers in the cycle!


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