Animal Crossing: New Leaf Released In NA


Today, the newest title in the Animal Crossing series, New Leaf, was released in North America. Being the fans that I am, I swung by the Coinstar in Wal-Mart to trade in my jar of coins, which totaled to 10 bucks over the price of the game.


I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while, especially since it has online capabilities. While I don’t get to play immediately today, I will be playing a little tomorrow during E3. If you have a 3DS and are picking up New Leaf, leave your friend code here and I’ll add you for some Animal Crossing shenanigans! Here’s mine!

Name: Obelion

Friend Code: 3969-4247-7008

If you’re a European reader, you’ll have to wait until June 14th to get your hands on the game. Hope to see some of you guys online!



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