End of E3 Recap: Poll: Best E3 Presentation


So the majority of E3 has wrapped up by now, with only Nintendo doing their Pokemon presentation later on, and many people are split evenly on who had a good presentation. Personally, I think Sony did well taking advantage of the Xbox One’s premature bad reputation to make the Playstation 4 seems balls awesome. Nintendo did well with their exclusives, taking into account what fans wanted to see and playing to that strength. EA and Ubisoft were pretty subpar, with Ubisoft doing stellar when compared to EA’s shameless celebrity endorsements and SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS. Also, the announcement for Peggle 2 was absolutely hilarious:

Talk about the worst possible reaction you could ever get. I’d rather be chased off of the stage.

So, besides OMG PEGGLE 2 and that annoying Ubisoft spokeswoman obviously putting those two companies at the bottom (in my opinion of course), who do you guys think did the best this year?

I’d also like to take a quick second to thank every single one of my readers for joining me for this year”s E3. I’m looking forward to reporting on the next one for you guys!


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