Xbox One Might Not Be Resellable?


Today, reported that the Xbox One console has the potential to be unsellable after being used. The article, which can be found here, shows official Xbox Support choosing to respond ambiguously to a question regarding the Xbox One’s ability to be resellable through third parties.


Well, Microsoft really isn’t learning their lesson with public relations, and I really can’t say anything about this that you guys aren’t already thinking. Microsoft is slowly making enemies with consumers, media, investors, and used game stores with this new system, but at this rate, the Xbox One might become totally unsalvageable. The already smudged reputation of the Xbox One is becoming harder to salvage day after day, with Microsoft digging their pit deeper and deeper with questionable policies and anti-consumer business practices. At this rate, blind, uninformed consumer loyalty to the brand name is the only thing that I see keeping this sinking iceberg afloat. Obviously, the “no reselling our console” thing is just speculation, but if it becomes fact, then all hope is lost in my eyes.


4 responses to “Xbox One Might Not Be Resellable?

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