Xbox One: Account Banned? No Games At All


Some unbelievable news straight from Microsoft Support themselves. If you’r Xbox Live account gets banned on the Xbox One, you lose all access to your games and all licenses attached to it.

Yes, that’s right. If you’re banned, you lose access to your games. With the minimum 24 hour checkup requirement, and your game library being stored in the cloud, that includes single player games with no multiplayer at all.


Words can’t even begin to describe how stupid that is. By utilizing their nonsensical, always online requirements, Microsoft has made it so that the consumer, while having legally purchased the game, still doesn’t own all access to their own game. If you’re banned from Xbox Live, Microsoft restricts you from accessing ALL games, and, possibly by association, possibly all other forms of media on your Xbox One.

Many people compare the Xbox One to Steam, the electronic game retailer on PC. What makes Steam different though?


Well, according to this mod-referenced thread on the Steam forums, and the Steam User Agreement, if you’re caught cheating by Valve’s Anti-Cheat software, or VAC, then you are banned from multiplayer servers. The cheater still has access to his single player games, unlike Microsoft’s new policy. The only way you can be banned from any kind of game on Steam is to give a fraud payment, but as long as you pay with a legitimate account, you’ll be safe from that.

Microsoft is aware of their deteriorating public reputation, but is either not doing anything it, or making themselves look worse. To be honest, I’d rather pay Sony’s $5 a month for Playstation Plus for early accesses and online play. It’d be better than living with the fact that I could have my entire library taken from me at any time. Add in the extremely disturbing Kinect camera, and it seems that Microsoft is digging their grave even more. It seems like the Xbox One is beyond saving now, and, to be honest, I’m pretty okay with that. Looks like the East is winning this gen so far, and the Playstation 4 isn’t even released yet.


Just buy a Gamesphere. That bitch is spherical.


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