Guys, What Happened Last Night?


So, WordPress comes with this nifty feature that lets me track the maximum amount of page views the site gets within 48 hours. On average, the maximum I get is about 7 in a single hour within 48 hours. On good days, or days I post a lot, the max reaches about 11. So…


Did I miss a party or something overnight, or while I was at work? Like, holy shit. I thought it was an error, or glitch of some kind, but when I looked at the tracker, it confirmed the numbers.

Today, received 232 page views, with 121 occurring within one hour and another 111 happening within the next one, and that’s all in response to yesterday’s Xbox One article. It seems like we have a couple of Anti-Microsoft activists coming through the site, guys. No no, it’s not a problem or anything. Everyone is welcome here :3


Step forward, whoever’s responsible for the massive incoming traffic, and take your “Oh sweet Jesus Christ, thank you, you beautiful person” like a champ. This amount of traffic is HUGE for a site like mine, and so I’d like to thank everyone who helped in this barrage of site views. You guys make writing worth it! I appreciate every like, share, follow, and site share you guys do!


This might not be a lot to some people, but it is to me, and I’m excited. Step off, bro.


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