Obe’s Jukebox #7 – F-Zero GX – Captain Falcon Theme


Oh shit, guys. We’re in F-Zero territory now, and not just F-Zero territory, but Captain Falcon’s domain. That’s right: the Captain’s Theme is on today’s highlight. Note that any sudden, unexplained erections and surprise pregnancies caused by the Captain Falcon Theme are not under the site’s responsibility.

Track Name: Captain Falcon Theme

Game: F-Zero GX (2003)

System: Nintendo Gamecube

Composer: Hidenori Shoji and Daiki Kasho

To be honest, F-Zero GX has a TON of great tracks; in fact, it took me 30 minutes just too choose which freaking song to write about. Out of great tracks like Big Blue, Mute City, Port Town, Shotgun Kiss, White Land, Dr. Stewart’s Theme, and Black Shadow’s Theme, I gave Jukebox priority to the series posterboy himself: Captain Falcon.

Captain Falcon’s theme is a lot more inspirational than I first expected it to be.  It has a nice rock feel while not succumbing to an overdone, darker overtone. It gives off a very heroic feel, as expected from the brave, racing bounty hunter himself. Did you know that Captain Falcon, while not kicking everyone’s asses in F-Zero races, takes bounties on the universe’s biggest scum? Yeah, and what does he do with this massive fortune made from racing and kicking ass? Well he hangs out on his own private islands, doing F-Zero and bounty hunting training. He gets paid to kick ass and uses his ass kicking money to practice kicking ass so the next time he kicks ass he can kick ass more ass kickingly. Kick ass, eh?

A perfect song for when you need that courageous boost of drive and motivation. Or dare I say, “YOU’VE GOT BOOST POWER”? Aaaahahaha. F Zero humor. Whoooooooo boyyyy…


2 responses to “Obe’s Jukebox #7 – F-Zero GX – Captain Falcon Theme

  1. A shame F-Zero games are hard as shit, or I’d like them more.

    #suckingatvideogames #hardgames #deadIP?

    • Certainly not Mario Kart tier in terms of skill cap, and they’re extremely rewarding when you beat higher cups.

      And it better not be dead. Fug.

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