Gitaroo Man Lives! – My Favorite Rhythm Game


Yknow, I’ve been talking about a lot of shitty things lately. The reduction of Deus Ex to the mobile platform, the “Ubisoft making three Assassin’s Creed games” thing, the inability to resell an Xbox One console, being banned from Xbox Live preventing you from reaching your games, and just a negative outlook on things overall. The blog’s been really depressing lately, so let’s do something awesome. Let’s do something amazing. Let’s do… Gitaroo Man!

Fuck yeah, Gitaroo Man! Now, you may be thinking, “What the fuck is Gitaroo Man?” so I’ll tell you. Gitaroo Man was a Playstation 2 game made back in 2002 by KOEI that was also ported to the PSP in 2006 under the name Gitaroo Man Lives!. In Gitaroo Man (pronounced Guitar-oo) you play as the loser of a human being named U-1 who discovers himself to be chosen by the Legendary Gitaroo to save the universe from the evil Gravillians. Using the power of the Legendary Gitaroo granted to him by his sidekick mutt, Puma, U-1 transforms into Gitaroo Man and proceeds to rock the universe with his slick guitar skills and bitchin’ winged hat.

As you can see, battles consist of three phases: Charge, Battle, and Harmony. The Charge phase is where you power up for the fight, and Battle alternates between Offense and Defense. When you’re on the offense, you trace the line seen on the screen to play your notes, and when you defend, you go into this “Like DDR but in the middle of the screen” ordeal. Finally, when the enemy is weak, you go into Harmony, where you play the end of the song and finish the boss off.

The game, while pretty short, is definitely worth the time and money you put into it. The game is very light-hearted in tone, and is chock full of memorable moments. It has a nice learning curve, and ends up with a high skill ceiling, as some later Master Mode levels can be extremely fucking difficult. And once again, I have to mention the soundtrack. It easily ranks in the top 5 for my favorite video game sounds tracks ever. It covers J-pop, jazz, rock, electronica, and other genres of music while bringing a fresh take to each one. While typing articles, I find myself strangely drawn back to this soundtrack. I can’t get enough of this game, FUCK.

Gitaroo Man is colorful as fuck and is soaked with personality. Coupled with a legendary soundtrack, this game is easily my favorite rhythm game. Fuck Guitar Hero, Gitaroo Man beats it by miles. If you can find this game at a game store, or have a modded PSP what can play ISO files, it’s worth whatever price you pay for it, although anything over $25 is a little iffy. But then again, everything over $20 is a big deal to me lol.

The next time you’re in Gamestop, or EB Games, or [local game store], swing by the PS2 and PSP sections and see if you can get your hand on this little gem. I found my copy of Gitaroo Man Lives! for just $15 at Gamestop, and in hindsight, it’s probably one of the best $15 on-the-spot splurges I’ve made. It’s a great game, even if you’re not that into rhythm games, and after an hour, you won’t regret your purchase. Obelion’s musical seal of approval, yo.


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