Microsoft Listens, Removes DRM


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As many people are aware, many sources, including myself, have been discussing the Xbox One’s extremely restrictive DRM and why Microsoft thought it would be a good idea. Well today, Microsoft announced that they’ve been processing consumer feedback, and have now lifted the preposterous DRM they previously sided so strongly with. As taken from their official announcement:


Microsoft realized how far their heads were shoved up their ass and did one of the few things they could to save the Xbox One’s public reputation, and that was pulling the plug on their draconian DRM policies. Will this bring the Xbox One back up to par with its main competitors, the Playstation 4 and Wii U? Well, the nonsensical DRM is gone, meaning console games work like they should and passing the DRM crown back over to Steam. This might be enough to jump start the console’s dying preorders, but one thing still bothers me about this system, and you all know what it is…


This is the main reason why I’m not supporting the Xbox One. Having an always-on camera with impressive motion tracking and echolocation technology in my room would make me and other like minded privacy lovers on edge.Yeah, call it “tin-foil-on-head paranoia”, but the possibility of someone watching me still unnerves me. This is the next issue Microsoft needs to address, and probably one of the issues they should’ve dealt with in the first place. Still, they’re on the right track for listening to feedback and adjusting to their marketable audience. For now, let’s see what move Microsoft pulls next.


7 responses to “Microsoft Listens, Removes DRM

  1. They cleared up the ban issue – being banned from Xbox Live wouldn’t nerf your games. Still, now the DRM is going they definitely won’t nerf games.

    Also, how can you seriously consider the WiiU to be a competitor to the Xbox or PlayStation. Nintendo, with the launch of the Wii knocked a pretty big set of nails into their coffin as far as “serious” gaming goes. Yeah, it’s great for party games and Mario, but aside from Resi 4 Wii Edition (which worked remarkably well with the remote-nunchuck) I haven’t played anything designed to be a more mature game that didn’t suck.

    I agree that they do need to clarify the controls over Kinect 2.0 – I know they’ve already said it can be disabled, and that the user controls what data is stored/shared/used but it couldn’t hurt to be a bit more specific.

    • That’s the thing. The Wii U blows ass right now, but when its exclusives hit the shelves, I’ll be more prone to buy one. Xbox One and PS4 are losign exclusives to each other left and right (KH3 and FF15), so I’ll go with the one that doesn’t spy on me.

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