Help Sakurai! – #YouCanDoItSakurai


Masahito Sakurai, the creator of Kirby, Super Smash Bros, and Kid Icarus: Uprising has recently mentioned how much stress and pressure the new Super Smash Bros. game is putting on him. To make matters worse, his chronic arm pains are starting to take their toll on the middle-aged developer. As a sign on reinforcement and positive feedback, the internet has taken to Twitter to send Sakurai encouraging remarks to help Sakurai through the development process using the hashtag #YouCanDoItSakurai. Today, Sakurai acknowledged all of the positive comments he’s received on his official Twitter today and has thanked everyone for their kindness.


Developers like Sakurai are hard to find these days, and his talent and love for video games far surpass his appearances. It’s very heartwarming to see the internet take initiative to comfort and reassure Sakurai through his hard times. Sakurai takes care of his fans, and it’s nice to see that relationship working the other way around. If you’d like to get on the love train, send a tweet to @Sora_Sakurai and use the hashtag #YouCanDoItSakurai to help him through the Smash Bros. development. He’ll certainly appreciate it!


And don’t use this time to ask for characters, you assholes. >:l


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