The Search Is On


Hello? Is this video games?

So, if you guys don’t previously know, I found a challenge picture on the internet one day that details playing the game closest to your birthday for every year until the current year, which I wrote about here. Since then, I’ve done absolutely nothing about it, since I live far from town and like to do a lot of things in town in one fell swoop to conserve gas. After work tomorrow, I’m taking time to swing by my usual game stores to get some of my employee friends to help me search for some games found on my list. the list is a follows:

  • 1994: Super Metroid, SNES (April 18th)
  • 1995: Mortal Kombat 3, Various (April 15th)
  • 1996: Resident Evil, PS1 (March 22nd)
  • 1997: Star Fox 64, N64 (July 1st)
  • 1998: Might and Magic IV: The Mandate of Heaven (April 30th)
  • 1999: Super Smash Bros., N64 (April 26th)
  • 2000: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (April 27th)
  • 2001: Dark Cloud, PS2 (May 28th)
  • 2002: Battle Raper… ugh (April 22, 2002)
  • 2003: Siren, PS2 (April 20th)
  • 2004: Hitman: Contracts, PS2, Xbox (April 20th)
  • 2005: Psychonauts, Xbox/PC (April 19th on Xbox)
  • 2006: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, PC/Xbox (April 17th)
  • 2007: Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, NDS (April 22nd)
  • 2008: Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!, NDS (April 15th)
  • 2009: Demigod, PC (April 14th)
  • 2010: Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 1: The Penal Zone, PC/PS3 (April 15th)
  • 2011: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, PSP (April 17th)
  • 2012: Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, PSVita (April 17th)
  • 2013: Shin Megami TEnsei: Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers

Hopefully I can find a lot of these older games from my local game store and some of the newer ones from Gamestop. The PC games might be difficult to find, especially the very undesirable Battle Raper, so I might have to resort to a download.

Also, I lucked out and got a lot of games that I actually like, and have beaten before. Any game that I’ve beaten as least once is highlighted up above in red.  Do you guys think I should skip the ones I’ve played to save time, or play through them as stated? It’s not written in the challenge, so I’m a little on the fence about it.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a game closer to my birthday for 2002 that Battle Raper, so sadly, I’m forced to play a bad hentai fighting game that I tried my hardest to not play. One of my friends suggested a Let’s Play of it, which seems like a ridiculous idea, but also prompted a thought. How should I go about documenting all of my progress? Should I make a separate page or section on the blog dedicated to posts about the challenge? It seems like the way to go, but I want some input from my readers before I start.

Wish me luck looking for some of these games! Hopefully I can get them cheap :c


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