Obe’s Jukebox #8 – Gods Eater Burst – Over The Clouds Burst Remix


I remember a long time ago, I was listening to a song that my dad picked up from Japan while he was stationed in Okinawa and I made a comment along the lines of “Wow. I don’t understand the language but I still really like this song.” He nodded and said, “You might not be able to understand the lyrics, but you can still appreciate everything else it has to offer” His little tidbit was always something that stuck out to me whenever I listen to foreign music, and it’s something that comes to mind when I listen to the God Eater: Burst intro song.

Track Name: Over The Clouds: Burst Remix

Game: Gods Eater: Burst (2011)

System: Playstation Portable

Composer: Go Shiina (performed by alan)

I’m not a huge fan of anything  bass heavy, especially most dubstep, but for some reason the combination of the steady beat and the Japanese lyrics makes this song a winner in my book. Combine it with the well animated intro, and you get a song that really gets you pumped to fight some gigantic demon things, even if you don’t speak Japanese. I really can’t say much about this song other than, well, I like it. I can’t understand it, but I can like it for what I can understand.

Gods Eater: Burst’s a good game too. Pick it up sometime if you’re big into action games and are looking to expand your library a little. Pretty good orchestrated soundtrack with a good amount of variation.


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