I’ve Noticed A Pattern Recently…

While I was writing my The Walking Dead: 400 Days review, I was thinking over the events of the original The Walking Dead game and noticed a pattern in three of the most “popular” games of recent memory…


What’s with mainstream audience’s recent fascination of a strong male protecting a weaker female? Not trying to be a radical, “instantly blow everything out of proportions” kind of person here, but am I missing some weird, widespread emotional crisis? Is chivalry making a comeback in a form that’s not a great PC game? Is it “Bring your Daughter To The Apocalypse Day”?

But really. What’s with this trend? This idea of males being dominate and females being submissive and secondary, while not completely phased out, is a dated idea these days. Am I supposed to be getting a subliminal message? Should I go spend the rest of the day with my nonexistent daughter? Are game devs being forced to work so much that they’re making games about spending time with their beloved wives and families because they can’t visit them at home?

Actually, shit. That’s depressing as fuck. Sorry devs. I’ll break you out of your cubicles one day; just have faith in me. I’ll reunite you guys with your families soon enough.



2 responses to “I’ve Noticed A Pattern Recently…

  1. A very interesting point but I would counter that point. Though the intention would seem that the man would be the protector of these “damsel’s in distress” they turn out actually to be the weaker ones. Once you delve into these games you learn that while the male may protect the emotions of the girl, the female character handles themselves. Though still, they are quite emotionally unstable.

    • While i wasn’t really questioning their characters, as I know how Infinite and The Walking Dead pan out, I was taking a jab at the whole “older male figure with younger female figure in bad situation “x”” theme they convey and mainstream audience’s inability to pick up on repeated ideas.

      Still trying to get my hands on The Last of Us, but hopefully I’ll have it within a week.

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