150th Post Plans?


So this post that you’re reading is my 143rd post, which means the big 150 is rearing its ugly head sometime soon. I was thinking of doing something a little different this time, and I keep coming back to making a video for you guys. Question is: what would I play? I’d rather it be something relatively short as to not make it a two week project or something, as my networking class is already kicking my ass. Maybe a Livestream? A PC game? GBA game? Gamecube game? PSX game? Or maybe just another idea entirely? I’d really love some comment this time around to help me work something out for the 150th post. I want a change of pace for this benchmark that we’re about to hit while still keeping it video game related, so your feedback would do wonders for everyone.

As time goes on, I’ll be putting people’s suggestions here. Then at the end of the day/two days, we’ll all decide on something.

Cheeks says: Livestream of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Pleeeeeeeeeease give us some ideas? :3


2 responses to “150th Post Plans?

    • Oh God, I actually have that game. I’m down with that if other people are. I’ll be editing the article with the suggestions as time goes on

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