My Irony with MMOs


The MMO genre has a heavy investment in the social aspect; in fact, it’s in the name of the genre: Massively Multiplayer Online. I know a good bit of people who play MMOs simply to talk to friends. I like playing games with other people, and MMOs are a good way to do that. In Mabinogi, I was guild hopping until I landed in a great guild that I enjoyed quite a lot. I made friends along the way from each guild and had a hefty friends list. Sadly, over the months a lot of those people quit the game, leaving me with the hard task of cleaning the friends list out. Were it not for a few, dedicated friends, I’d be outright alone these days.

With the MMO genre becoming more accessible, you’d think player population would rise, but sadly, it feels like the opposite. People are turning to the quick, casual trash that many people see as the savior of the video game industry, when in reality it’s the malignant tumor sapping its strength away. Some people feel like they don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to an MMO, which is understandable, but other don’t like the lack of instant gratification. You have to put time into an MMO to get back good returns; plain and simple. If you want a lot of friends and awesome gear, spend time making friends and working for awesome gear. The concept of investing work and time to get something back is dying out with the new “Want it right now” mentality plaguing the world these days.

People have told me to play other MMOs, like the ever popular World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, but they oversee a big factor: the gameplay isn’t for everyone. Sure , the population is large, maybe huge, but if I hate the gameplay, what’s the point of playing?

For a Massively Multiplayer Online game, MMOs can sure feel lonely sometimes. I end up doing a lot of solo work in each one I try, and it’s sad to see a genre decline like this. Maybe it’s just a personal experience, but I’m still praying on a few upcoming titles to really live up to their supposed worth and make a game I’d be happy to sink hours into. It happened to me in Tera, it happened to me in Dragon Nest, it happened to me in Mabinogi, Eden Eternal, Neverwinter, RaiderZ, Dofus, Wakfu, and even Wurm (although I love-hate that game strongly myself). Just hope things turn around sometime.


Praying hard for these guys


One response to “My Irony with MMOs

  1. I’ve played MMOs since Vanilla WoW. Though it does have me jaded in ways I think I summarize most MMO games like this: The specific point of MMOs is the large investment with little return over time but in order for that to be fun you musty have friends or in most cases a guild to have a reason to dedicate that much of one’s time. But with that comes a contradiction: “How am I supposed to get my friends to play if I don’t feel like going outside?”

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