Obe’s Jukebox #12 – Metroid Prime 2 – Torvus Bog



“Hey Obe. Didn’t you already do a Metroid Prime song?”

Well, TECHNICALLY that was Metroid Prime 1, and TECHNICALLY this is Metroid Prime 2, so TECHNICALLY, I’m not going back to a game I’ve already done. Technically. Besides, everyone loves Torvus Bog! I wouldn’t deny the people the chance to listen to this great track!

Track Name: Torvus Bog

Game: Metroid Prime 2 (2004)

System: Nintendo Gamecube

Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Kenji Yamamoto, the man responsible for the majority of Metroid’s auditory greatness, returns to work his magic on Metroid Prime 2. Being of full knowledge of his previous atmospheric works and the theme of light and dark of Metroid Prime 2, Yamamoto lived up to his reputation with some of the most eerie tracks in the history of the series. Torvus Bog was once a majestic forest, but after the meteor impact responsible for the series of event in Metroid Prime 2, it was flooded and reduced to a mere shell of its former beauty. The Torvus Bog theme brings a great mix of a haunted forest with unending rainfall and the mysteries of the depths into play, and it certainly makes for a unnerving piece in Yamamoto’s signature style.


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