Obe’s Jukebox #14 – Starcraft – Terran Theme 1


I’ve been playing Starcraft since middle school and let me tell you one thing: Terran is my absolute favorite playable race. Sure, I like to dick around with Zerg and sometimes Protoss, but Terran will always and forever be my preferred race. Good thing they have awesome theme songs too go with awesome units, eh?

Track Name: Terran Theme 1

Game: DStarcraft (1999)

System: PC

Composer: Derek Duke and Glenn Stafford (in-game musics), Jason Hayes (cinematics)

To me, this is exactly the kind of vibe that I expected from the Terran theme: industrial, enduring, and itching to take on some aliens. Many a machine were manufactured to this theme, and even more epic battles were fought. I can’t really say much else about this song, other than I really like it. So… yeah…

Go Terrans. Wooo

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