Another Fresh Batch of Headers!

So when I make headers, it’s usually something I do on a whim.I had a spare moment today, so I figured, “Well, now’s a good of a time as any.” So I present six new headers for the site; the record for most headers submitted at once!


Taken from a Wakfu wallpaper, this header shows the female Sadida and male Iop classes from Ankama’s MMO, Wakfu. I love that Sadida’s expression, and Iops are my (next to) favorite classes, so this was a good chance to hop on some Wakfu/Dofus representation for the site. I wish there was a Xelor in this picture, though. Dem chronomages.


A screenshot from Gitaroo Man, featuring U-1 and Kirah playing “The Legendary Theme.” Why Gitaroo Man? Why NOT Gitaroo Man?! Everyone knows how awesome Gitaroo Man is. Oh, you don’t? well go check out my review of it!


A header of Solid Snake, done in Yoji Shinkawa’s signature Metal Gear Solid style. Seeing how I recently went through Metal Gear Solid 1-4, it’s understandable to see a lot of MGS content popping up lately. Metal Gear Solid themed header: accomplished.


A screenshot of what will probably be my best run of some Dragon Nest PvP for the rest of eternity. I’m not very good at most PvP, but that day, I was on fire. Fun fact: I later went on the get one more kill before going down for good. It was a good day to be a Crusader.


A screenshot of me nonchalantly watching a friend pound some kobold brains in Nexon’s Vindictus. I should really play that again sometime soon…


Finally, a header that was actually inspired by my dad. I commented on how Microsoft filed for the patent that would count the number of viewers watching a movie and lock you out if you didn’t buy a license for the additional viewers, and he said, “Well shit, might as well watch movies all covered in mud like Schwarzenegger in Predator.” And so the header was born.

As with all of my previous headers, they will all be set to random cycling, so I hope you guys look forward to seeing some of the new headers pop up around the site!


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