Wow, Battalion Wars


So recently I got my hands on Battalion Wars, an old third person shooter for the Gamecube. Deciding to at least give the poor guy a chance before I sent him to used games Purgatory, I popped him into my Wii and started playing it. I didn’t expect much, if anything from this game when I started it, but surprisingly, I was still playing it three hours later. This game is certainly more than it appears to be.

Like I stated earlier, it’s a third person Gamecube shooter made back in 2005 by Kuju Entertainment, who have a pretty miss and hit track record. While not impressive visually or audibly, what I find interesting about this game is using the C-Stick to coordinate individual units and unit types in your squad. You can, and will eventually be forced to be very proficient at ordering around a large strike force with some simple flicks of the C-Stick. Being able to control your forces is the key to victory in this game, as it’s difficult to brute force your way through the game with one unit. It’s actually reminiscent of Pikmin in the sense of you controlling a large squad, but this time, you can actively take command of any friendly unit you can lock on to. It feels like Valkyria Chronicles, too, so maybe Pikmin plus Valkyria Chronicles…?

I just wanted to say a quick blurb about this game, since it’s actually a pretty enjoyable experience. It’s engaging and has a fairly reasonable difficulty curb. Although I’m sticking this in the review section, I can’t really review the game since I haven’t finished it, but I hope to get to it one day. It’s certainly looking to be memorable at the least.


Maybe I should have a first impression section or something?


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