Taking A Break


“Taking a break? Like, hanging up the towel? Are you giving up on the blog?”

No, silly. Lemme explain. Tomorrow will start my lack of access to getting time to write for the blog. Although I technically COULD write an article somewhere down the line, it’d be simpler for me to just give myself a break for the weekend. So what am I doing? Well, I’m going to a friend’s house to celebrate my online class ending, and by celebrate I mean playing games and eating junk food until 7a.m., then waking up two hours later to play some more games. Will it be sweet? You bet.

Well why not just write an article Saturday? Well, no. Why? Because nobody likes to be interrupted while they celebrate! Just let me have my fun mom!

But guess what I’m doing right after I get back? Leaving on another trip. Yeah. I’m heading on a trip with my girlfriend and some other company for another two days, leaving me busy with partying my face off until Tuesday night.

“So we’re not getting anything until Tuesday?!”

Stop jumping to conclusions you dingus. I’ll try my best to write you guys an article or two on Sunday night, so I beg of you guys to not kill yourselves while waiting for me to get back! Will it be worth the wait? Hell if I know. I just write these things as they come to me.

Anyways, thanks for the patience everyone. I don’t take breaks from writing often (not including being overloaded to the point of falling behind), so I’m hoping that all of my previous work will keep you busy until I get back. If you really want to burn time, why not look through my Metroid and Fire Emblem guides and play some games to pass the days? Hell, with playing these games, you probably wouldn’t even notice me being gone for a week!


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