A Let’s Play?


A billion years ago, I received a recommendation to do a Let’s Play. If you don’t know, a Let’s Play is when someone records themselves playing through a game, usually with some narration/commentary. Do I have a problem with this? Well, not really. I’m not a very talkative guy, but I do like talking about games, so I could scrounge something up; however, I have a lot of problems that would interfere with recording. People walking in, finding time to record, and finally, lacking a way to record things that aren’t on my desktop. That means my game selection would be limited to everything from the Wii back (not including Xbox since no emulator exists for it). Add in the possibility of working two jobs as soon as school starts and it gets complicated.

So, with that out in the open, I’ll have to say that if you guys wouldn’t mind watching some emulated games, I’d be happy to do a Let’s Play every once in a while. Depending on the game, I’d do either text narration or, if possible, record myself commenting. Poll time?


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