Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty is something you can’t escape. No matter where you go, people always argue about their favorite systems, or their favorite company. These console wars have literally been occurring since the beginning of the industry. Remember the old slogan “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t”?  That phrase itself could be pegged as one of the biggest causes of console wars and setting the sturdy foundation of the biggest ongoing shitstorm in the industry.


Many people feel that they have to align themselves with a company and stick by their side until the bitter end. Whether you call them fanboys, zealots, marketers, drones, or idiots, these people sadly make up the majority of the consumers in this industry. In all actuality, that reality wouldn’t be such a terrible thing if people would learn to keep their fucking mouths shut and lose the sense of duty to serve a company that doesn’t know you exist. Seriously. When’s the last time you’ve had an intelligent conversation with someone about the companies and consoles themselves? How many times does the conversation go into something like, “Well I’ll stick with [brand]. They have the best system on the market right now!” and then immediately nosedive into trash talking other consoles?

Just the other day I was talking to a guy about the Playstation 4 and he literally said to me, “I’m still getting an Xbox One. Even though I don’t like that Kinect ordeal, I can’t leave Microsoft’s side. Plus the games have so much potential! Did you even see Ryse, or Halo?! I feel sorry for Nintendo and Sony, with all of their asian baby games.” Well, first off, Ryse was such QTE garbage that I almost shed a tear for people thinking that this was revolutionary and next-gen, so I couldn’t help but laugh at him until I chose to ignore him. Second of all, leaving their side? Can you be more of a mindless lackey for a company? Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo could function more than well without you, and you’re certainly not going to be rewarded for your blind loyalty. And lastly, don’t seriously resort to trash talking other companies to make your preferred product look better. Anyone with a brain cell will know the facts about each system, and you make yourself look like an idiotic zealot who’d charge into a lit furnace if your company asked you to.


Hands: Brand
Person: Fanboy

“But Obe. You shit talk the Xbox One and MS at any chance you get. What makes you an exception?”

Well, I”m not an exception. Sure, I have my preferences to Nintendo and Sony, but Microsoft changed their awful policies or made a console that didn’t make me feel like a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, then I’d gladly buy their products. The same standard applies for game developers as well. I like Capcom games, but I can easily point out the flaws of the company and I only buy the products I want. I’m not going out and buying a pile of shit because Capcom slapped their logo on it; I’m not a drone, and I decide where my measly amount of income goes.

People need to learn that these companies shouldn’t rely on brand loyalty to market their products; the majority of consumers have standards, and companies should be forced to adhere to them if they want money. Companies care about profit over the quality of the product, so when they can get away with making a shit product, they’ll jump on that opportunity. People can see when a product isn’t going to work out, but with the assistance of unpaid brand zombies, they don’t have to worry about their product completely flopping. They have a guaranteed profit (or at least some amount of return) simply because people eat logos up like free Snickers.



I’ve switched between a lot of systems, and the majority of them happen to be Nintendo and Sony products. Do I feel bad about it? Not the slighest. Why? Because they make games that I like, and I’m happy to put my money towards that product if I enjoy them. Moving somewhere else in promise of a great product doesn’t bother me, since I have no personal ties to a company out of a strange sense of dedication to the name. I move to where the games are, and more people need to realize that their favorite company doesn’t care about you as much as they say they do. Put your money towards something you want that deserves it, and not backpedaling, rehashed shovelware. I like Nintendo, but I don’t buy every Mario game under the sun, yknow?

God damn I’m awful at organizing thoughts. I kind of just open the new post page and just start typing, so that’s why nothing’s organized. I’m surprised I’ve gotten 160+ post with this method, but hey, it’s kind of working so far.


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