Pikmin 3 Released in US Today


Just like the title says folks. The long awaited continuation of the Pikmin universe has finally hit the shores of America. Being a Wii U exclusive, Pikmin 3 follows the adventures of three new explorers in a journey to collect enough food to save your starving planet.

I’ve waited almost ten years for this game, and ironically, I can’t get my hands on it. All of you guys know that I’m pretty dirt broke since I’m paying my way through college, but this would without a doubt be a day one buy for me. I’d be too excited to wait longer, but I’ll have to wait longer since I can’t get a Wii U. I’m starting to work some extra hours at work, so hopefully I can save up a little to grab this, but for now, I’m stuck with watching Youtube videos…


Sorry for being poor guys. You’ll have to wait a while for some Wii U/PS4 reviews. I’m trying my hardest though!


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