Dragon’s Crown Released in US


The pulse of a dying genre, Dragon’s Crown shows that beat em ups aren’t ready to die just yet.

The release day for the sidescrolling beat ’em up Dragon’s Crown has finally come for the United States.  While producing what seems to be a very enjoyable game in the style of old school meat ’em ups, Vanillaware, the developers of Odin Sphere, Muramasa, and Dragon’s Crown, has received some flak for some controversial character designs before it even released.


Delicious Amazon design. Also, is the Fighter just THAT big or is it his armor? Important questions

Obviously, the designs for the female classes are very sexualized to the point of  coming off as silly, while the male classes seem to pass under the radar for some reason. While I’m an avid backer of the “Sex shouldn’t sell a game” mindset, Dragon’s Crown is a slightly different story. While not being completely safe from this parameter, it does receive a bit of leniency. What makes Dragon’s Crown an exception to this rule? Well, good gameplay mainly. If you look at some games with sex appeal in mind, a common theme runs through them: mediocre gameplay.

Take a quick look at games like Onechanbara or Senran Kagura Burst; as you can see, the gameplay is less than stellar and, with keeping its fanservice in mind as its primary objective, still falls flat in the sense that video games should be primarily games. If devs want to make a game with sexy characters, male or female, then go ahead, but focus on the game first. After all, isn’t this the video GAME industry? TERA Online is kind of in the same boat as Dragon’s Crown in a sense. While slightly boring at times, the gameplay overall is fast-paced and engaging. The attractive characters on top of a good game is the main thing that devs should strive for if they want to have a game with sex appeal. Still, maybe the character design in DC is a tad bit extreme, but now we’re just diving into preferences and fetishes, so there’s no point in arguing on that.


Now if they could only make endgame interesting.

Besides, if you’re feeling uppity, why not just go look at porn? It’s not hard at all to get your hands on it these days (NSFW Link! I warned you!), and it’d certainly keep the number of mediocre games to a minimum.

Dragon’s Crown is certainly a game I wouldn’t mind picking up sometime in the near future. While sidescrolling beat em ups aren’t exactly my favorite genre, every genre has a title that I find some amount of enjoyment in. For instance: While I grow tired of the First Person Shooter genre, I’m up for a game of Timesplitters: Future Perfect any day of the week.

Dragon’s Crown’s Dwarf character looks really fun to play as, and any class that uses kicks like the Amazon or Elf are definitely classes I take a liking to. Plus, the gameplay for large boss monsters looks really enjoyable to me. I can see myself owning Dragon’s Crown down the road, but for now, I just gotta save up.

If any of you guys pick this up, tell me about it so you can convince me to buy it! :0


4 responses to “Dragon’s Crown Released in US

  1. I just got it today. If you (like me) aren’t much concerned about the rantings of perpetually aggrieved gender warriors, the game has quite a lot to recommend it. The graphics are wonderful, the controls are smooth, and the narration really makes it feel like you’re in an old-school D&D adventure, which is part of the intent. I might do a full review of it on my blog later, but for now I’ll just say I highly recommend it.

  2. Character design mentioned. #Butthurt #Buttmad #SuperButthurtBrothers #ButtsOnFire #SocialJustice #Peoplewhodon’tplayvideogames

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