Happy 27th Birthday Metroid!


Today marks the 27th birthday of the Metroid series! While being released here in the States a few days after today, August 6th is the day that the original Metroid on the NES hit the shelves in Japan.  While Nintendo hasn’t shown the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter any love in the past two birthdays, hopefully the series will get a break soon.

While i did post this kind of late, since I had to help out pouring some cement, I still plan on playing a bit of Super Metroid today to celebrate my favorite series getting one year older. If you want to celebrate Metroid’s birthday too, start up a Metroid game and have at it? Not sure which one to play? Check out my guide for the Metroid series so you’re not left out of the party!

Let’s hope for a long run and a new game sometime!


Dance party!


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