Obelion13.WordPress’ First Birthday!


One year, 170 posts. What a crazy ride.

While August 6th was Metroid’s birthday, August 9th marks the one year anniversary of my first post on obelion13.wordpress.com! am I doing anything special for it? Well, I’m not sure yet, but I did decide to use a whole bunch of .gifs I’ve saved but never gotten to use, so there’s that for now!

While this may surprise many of you, the one who’s most shocked by this news is actually me. When I started the blog, I didn’t expect it to go far; in fact, a lifespan of over 2 months was a real stretch to me. The fact that I have written over 170 posts that cover everything from current news, newest releases, reviews, nostalgic memories, and even video game music absolutely astonishes me in every sense of the word.


I’m super surprised, BITCH

I started off by simply thinking of a topic and just regurgitating everything I could think of into what resembled a structured paragraph. I threw in some relevant images, hit the publish button, and I was unknowingly on my way to over 170 posts about the world of video games. It’s been a year, and laughably, my writing process hasn’t changed much (I embed videos and hyperlinks now!), but in hindsight, I like to think of this style as a more honest, natural style that gives off a vibe that I’m kind of okay with; a regular guy trying to express his personal views on video games. Whether they be right or wrong is up to debate, but I’ll always take the opportunity to share my voice with all of you.

Speaking of all of you, that’s the best part about managing the blog; knowing that people read the articles I pour a lot of time into makes me feel like it’s all worth something. Without your help with spreading the blog around and reading my articles, I’d be writing to an empty crowd, so once again, I wanted to say thank you to every one of my readers. At the moment I’m writing this, there are 73 people who are actively following my blog either through email subscription or WordPress’ Dashboard or whatever interface. That’s 73 more people than I ever expected to be regular readers. Seriously guys; thank you for the support.


You guys are pretty good.

There’s a lot of games out there that I want to play, and there’s a ton more on the way. Even with school starting soon and work creeping more and more into my free time, I’m determined to write for you all for another year, and many more to come. Let’s hope for another good one, everyone!


Drinks are on me. Water for everyone!


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