Opinions Section?


Picture unrelated.

So I was thinking of starting a section where I’d give my opinion on a subject like “My preferred level design” or “the worst game in a series” or something like that. Problem is that I don’t know whether to make an entirely new section for it or if I should just stick it into my Shenanigans section (which at this point is becoming my miscellaneous section). I’d really like a shove in either direction, so I’m coming to you guys, my readers, for the best choice of action. I’m leaning towards just keeping it in Shenanigans, but if my readers think it’d be better to put them all in their own section, then I’m okay with that. I just need a little push today when it comes to decision making. I’ve been trying to choose a game to play for 3 hours now and this choice isn’t helping me out. I’ll make a decision in about an hour, so get your polling on in the mean time!


Share your thoughts! Or not. I can't tell you what to do:

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