Feminism in Video Games


An unorganized viewpoint as to why feminism is a joke.

Here’s a shitstorm I’ve been meaning to tackle for quite some time. Today I’m going to be talking about Feminists and their effect on the video game industry.

For a couple of years now, feminists have been attacking the video game industry over the depiction of females in the media, and frankly, I’m getting really tired of it. While I’m not for the objectification for women, I’m not for constantly shoving one’s personal agenda into everything while trying to pass off as the offended party. Granted, women are sexualized more often than men in the industry, but what do you expect from an industry with a predominately male workforce? Game designers spend months on a game’s artistic design, and they put a lot of hard work into making the best project they can in terms of gameplay, sound design, and artistic freedom. With most teams being mostly men, you’d have to be an idiot to see how there’s not a little bit of a biased opinion here. The average feminist seems to forget that and instantly assume that game devs are just horny virgins trying to make their ideal woman in a video game. While it may seem like that in some instances, I’m pretty sure that they’re not trying to give off that vibe. For example, the Sorceress and Amazon from Dragon’s Crown might have exaggerated features, but surprise! Women like that actually do exist. It’s like feminists aren’t doing a very good job at making it seem like they’re just hating a character because they’re secure, successful, or attractive.

“But Obe! What if a game made a heavily sexualized male character! Wouldn’t that offend you?!”

Not really. Why? Because there are men out there who look better than me, and I’m not blind enough to try and ignore that. Sure, make a sexualized male character. Just try and make sure he’s actually  good character, yknow? That actually reminds me of a great bit of writing advice I received a few summers ago when I went through a story writing phase. The advice basically said that when you’re making a character, their gender shouldn’t be their defining feature. Say I wrote in a character that was in charge of a small village and was collaborating with local bandits to keep the area judicially balanced in some way. While it might not be the greatest basis of a character, it could be male or female, and their reasons to become involved with bloodthirsty bandits would be something to develop off of.


ITT: Double standards

While people make a big deal about it, gender shouldn’t be as big of an issue as feminists are making it. A well-known women’s right activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, founder of the AHA Foundation, is known for her work in protecting women from physical harm and violations of rights that are justified by various religious and cultural standards. She’s been recognized worldwide as a prominent figure for women’s rights and has received many awards for her efforts to free women worldwide from oppression, yet if you ask around, many people won’t know who she is, or what she’s done for the world.


Or what a cutie pie she is. Oh, right, back to my point

Meanwhile, Anita Sarkessian, producer of Tropes vs Women and head of Feminist Frequency, has taken it upon herself to shove the radical feminists’ agenda of equality in the media down every game dev’s throats, with recent events being things like censoring Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite and the generally negative reviews for Dragon’s Crown. While this could be a noble effort, why not work towards a more worthwhile goal? Instead of starting that Kickstarter to raise ~$160,000 for basic Youtube videos painting women as a victim, why not try to stop shit like this from happening? Why spend so much effort to victimize your entire gender over issues nobody cared about until you made a big deal out of it? Why act like you’re the righteous, all-knowing guiding light when you clearly steal footage from people who actually bothered to play the damn game? This type of feminism is making every woman look like some kind of jealous, insecure idiot. I’d rather have Ms. Ali up there help me design a game than Sarkessian because she’s much more level headed and she’s not playing the victim in every Tweet and every Youtube video she sends out.

Mirror's Edge

Did I mention she’s been hired to make sure the new Mirror’s Edge isn’t too hard for female players?

What am I trying to get at here? Am I saying that feminism is wrong and that we should keep going as we are in video games? Well sort of. Let me start off that feminism in itself is a complete joke. Why? Because feminists give off the impression that women should be superior to men in every way and in every form, and they make sure to paint themselves as completely incompetent in many ways such as unneeded topless protests and their general militant behavior.

What we need is gender equality, not feminism. I’m all for women having equal rights, but I’m not for intrusive, disruptive behavior on an easily influenced industry. Granted, one might make the counter argument that women are still being shafted on equal rights, and it’s true; Many women today are still being paid lower wages than men simply because of their gender, and I’ll admit, it’s not cool. If I got paid to maintain this blog (That’d be nice), I’d be okay with receiving lesser pay than a woman if she was the more competent blogger, which when I think about would probably be pretty easy to do. Gender shouldn’t play a role in terms of personal competency, and it shouldn’t be a big deal in character design for video games. If a game had a very sexualized character that contributed to the game in some significant way, like being a main contributor to the plot’s advancement, then I’d be okay with it. If a game had tits and ass slapped on top of a shitty game, then that’s where I’d start to have problems with it. And speaking of gameplay:


People who get upset over the media’s depiction of a person need to be able to justify it somehow. If they complain that, “Oh, I don’t like her because she has big tits,” instead of something like ,”Oh, she’s a complete backstabbing whore and I hope she gets hit with a car because she’s completely unlikable,” then that’s just personal insecurities coming out. Maybe it’s how I was raised, or what I grew up with, but gender overall just isn’t a big deal to me, and it amazes me as to how invasive militant feminism is becoming in my favorite industry simply because of a few recurring themes. Besides, if they have such a problem with it, why don’t more feminists study game design and make their own game? Personally, I’d love to see a few level-headed women make “Ripped Oily Men: Half Dressed Sexual Tension Edition,” out of sheer ridiculousness. I’d be a nice parody of current affairs and would probably help shed some light on the offending themes video game women seem to be plagued by in a way that doesn’t turn off the general public from listening to the message they’re trying to convey. In fact, if the gameplay was well done, I’d probably play just to say I played it. I mean, I played a pigeon dating sim, so I can’t really go deeper from that, right?


Knowing my luck it’d be a fighting game. Like Street fighter, but with less womanly legs and hips and more sweaty dudes wrestling to be on top.

Overall, I’ve become increasingly aware of my horrible writing skills as well as the anti-patriarchy vibe that many radical feminists seem to be giving off. What I’m really trying to get at here folks is that complaining about unfair gender depictions in video games is a waste of time. A well endowed man in a video game doesn’t offend me, so why does a well endowed woman offend women? While I think that we should be striving for gender equality in all mediums, I also think that one gender shouldn’t have a more fair representation than the other. Feminists strive for superiority in a world that needs a finely tuned balance of sexy men and sexy ladies with equal rights, and their influence in video games is, while slightly warranted to a degree, generally a waste of time.

To the feminists reading this: collaborate and study game design to get some more female programmers into the industry so game devs can deal with this during production. In the mean time, quit gettin’ mad about video games you losers.


This entire article summed up in one picture

18 responses to “Feminism in Video Games

    • Also a valid point. I play games, so I can give my view on it. I don’t go horseback riding, so I can’t offer anything worthwhile to a horseback riding conversation.

  1. I get the need to look at pretty things when you’re playing a video game, like my brother would say when I would question him playing a female character “Why would I want to look at a dudes ass all day when I could look at a woman instead?” All the females have large breasts, soft faces, narrow barbie-esque bodies. The dudes playing these games sort of become brainwashed to want to look at perfect female forms (unrealistically perfect) and then end up not dating or being lonely for a long time. At least this is what i have encountered in a male dominant sub culture as a woman. I don’t think it’s sexist though, I don’t think they are demeaning women anymore than they are men. Are almost all male characters buff and handsome? It goes both ways and feminazis will go after anything that shows women with large breasts or needing a “hero” to save them. But as a woman it does get tiresome to see women constantly being portrayed as just sex dolls or weakling/ditzy idiots. I’d love to see characters that I care about not characters I want to see naked in a tentacle based hentai.

    • I feel ya. It’s hard to find good female characters these days. Or actually, just good characters in general. You’re right about the high expectations though. Some people are okay with staying single though, so that’s kind of blurry area to tread into with a definitive answer.

      Sadly the general population won’t care and keep going about their ways objectifying people and not caring about their characters. Makes me sad thinking about how people can get away with terrible writing because they play the “sex will sell” card.

    • And have you ever sat there and wondered if artists are either complimented or offended that their characters make it into hentai? I’d love to know the general consensus on that

  2. Liking this post so hard right now. Maybe I’ll do an entry similar to this one some day, but you already mentioned pretty much everything I wanted to. :D

  3. I salute you. To be honest I’ve taken to ignoring Sarkeesian and her bunch seeing as there is no way to debate her. The thoughts of why doesn’t she work towards a better goal such as the abuses of women in the world bugged me for a while, then I realized that there’s no money in that when instead you can better money attacking someone’s hobby or childhood memories. I didn’t know that she was hired by EA though. That’s… just… sad.

    • She was hired by EA and put into a leadership position inside Dice to make sure that Mirror’s Edge 2 wasn’t too complicated for women, further reinforcing that feminists think women are a bunch of drooling idiots who can’t work a controller. Mirror’s Edge fans are pissed, women are pissed, and Dice is pissed. Thanks Anita,

  4. While your argument has some interesting talking points, I think it’s pretty clear there’s some operative bias going on. The section in regards to the double standards between creepy neckbeard guys and chubby self-loving women seemed to be a bit exaggerated. but I’ll admit I do see it often myself.

    I think the answer to gender equality lies between the dire extremes of hardcore man-hating feminists and the odious so-called “Men’s Rights Activists”.

    You definitely make a compelling argument against the former, though. The only thing I would advise would to be avoid the use of phrases like “the main fucking thing”.. It makes your stance seem overzealous and emotionally motivated. Don’t let that compromise your journalistic integrity.
    Great read!

  5. Anita Sarkessian,? I saw one post that said she is a sexist.
    I have to agree. Feminist want women to be heroes in video games but never play the “bad guy” role. What’s up with that? And you never hear feminists complain about sexualization of men. They would not have a problem with the picture of the dude you posted. Feminist are hypocrites.

    I have to agree.

    • Your comment on the villain role has merit. Not a lot of female villains instantly spring to mind, which helps the argument of a lack of evil women in video games. Kind of a shame too. There’s great female leads; why not villains?

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