Obe’s Jukebox #17 – Final Fantasy X-2 – Real Emotion


I’ve got a confession to make. While widely regarded as a joke, Final Fantasy X-2 is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games in the entire series.

While his may shock some of you, long time readers already know of this deep, dark secret. So why am I repeating myself? Well, even though Final Fantasy -2 took some some harsh reviews, it has a small cult following to which I appear to be a part of. What was so good about Final Fantasy X-2 for e to consider it one of my favorite Final Fantasy games? Well, I liked the Dressphere system, and for being the first true sequel to a numbered Final Fantasy, the way it expanded upon Final Fantasy X’s setting was interesting. But one of my personal favorite parts? The intro concert, of course. I mean, this IS the Jukebox, after all. Were you expecting a critical analysis on the conflict of theology and nature versus the embrace of scientific advancement as seen in X and X-2? Weird expectations you’ve got there.

Track Name: Real Emotion (English version)

Game: Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)

System: Playstation 2

Composer: Kenn Kato/Kazuhiro Hara (Performed by Jade Villalon)

I’ll start off by saying, “Jesus H. Christ on a chainsaw motorcycle, this song is catchy as fuck.” This is one of those songs that you’re amazed even exist in any circumstances, then you end up memorizing half of the lyrics by the end of the day without realizing it, like Tunak Tunak Tun, or The Bob Ross Remix. In fact, every morning at work I’m alone for exactly one hour and thirty minutes, and quite often I find myself playing this song while getting ready for the day, with me singing along of course. Sure, the entire premise of Yuna becoming a pop singer is ridiculous, and sure, the Charlie’s Angel JRPG vibe it’s got going on is just as silly, but can you really blame me for liking what I like?

Hey. Some people smoke and drink, and some people like to kidnap people and skin them alive. I like to play video games and listen to embarrassing shit. If no one gets hurt, what’s wrong with that, eh?



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