Project Phoenix Kickstarter


Today the Kickstarter for an indie game with the current name of Project Phoenix started towards their goal of $100,000. Project Phoenix promises to meld together the best of Eastern and Western devs into a squad based real time strategy game. The main attraction to Project Phoenix so far is not the game itself, since there’s no gameplay footage of it yet, but the development team. With big time names such as Hiroaki Yura, Vaughan Smith, Kiyoshi Arai, Koya Takahasi, Steffen Unger, John Kurlander, Donna Burke, and even Nobuo Uematsu all working in their spare time, Project Phoenix shows promise in the fact that the dev team is more than capable of making a hugely successful game.

Project Phoenix has already raised half of their goal of $100,000 at the time I’m writing this, so if you want to get in on some of their Kickstarter rewards, now’s the time to hop on it. I’m considering donating $20 for a digital copy of the game, since the price on release might be higher and I like saving money. While no one really knows how this game will come out, it’s safe to say that with Hiroaki Yura, Donna Burke, and Nobuo Uematsu working on it, it’ll have a god-tier soundtrack.



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