Wildstar Using Subscription Model


The revenue model for the long awaited MMO being made by NCSoft was released today. NCSoft, the people responsible for Guild Wars 2, Aion, and Blade and Soul, have officially stated that Wildstar will not be free to play as expected. Instead, it will be using the old subscription based pay to play model, which, to be honest, is kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to trying Wildstar, but if I have to pay full price for the game AND a subscription, it better be the best damn game ever. I learned my lesson from TERA. Good game, but damn, that’s just too much money for a single game.

Wildstar will cost $59.99 on release, and will include 30 days of free game time. After that, you’ll have two options; either pay for monthly subs, or using Wildstar’s C.R.E.D.D. system.

What is C.R.E.D.D.? The C.R.E.D.D. (Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction, and Development) is an item akin to TERA’s Chronoscroll, as it’s an in game item that can be used in exchange for game time.  It can purchased from the Wildstar site and can be sold to and from players with in game currency, leaving you able to pay for your game time completely with in game money.

It’s a nice feature, but I’d rather not be forced pay full price, then to have a minimal playing time to earn enough money to keep playing for more C.R.E.D.D.s. Sorry Wildstar, but I’ll have to wait until you either get cheaper or go free to play. I’m not paying $60+ for a game I might not like.


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