Saints Row IV Released Today


Ahh, nothing like working in the morning to mess with releasing news late into the day, right?

Anyways, the highly anticipated Saints Row IV was released today in the Land of the Free. Featuring a whole lotta nifty bullshit I’d be wasting my time with listing, Saints Row IV is notable for upping the Silly Factor to maximum and adding a slew of game mechanics to make a sandbox game with high replay value.

Saints Row IV is receiving universal praise from multiple video game journalism sites, but that’s not saying much these days since video game journalism is such a wishy washy business. The gameplay does look interesting enough though, and that’s coming from someone who hates try hard silly games.  I like when games are actively written for comedy and not “Let’s let people kill people with giant purple dildos because it’s so funny and random” kinds of comedy, yknow? It just comes off as a waste of effort to me, but that’s probably my own opinion. Don’t like my opinion?


Just kidding. Your entitled to opinions, even when they’re wrong.

The Saints Row series, and sandbox games of this nature in general, don’t really appeal to me a bunch, so I’m definitely not spending my own money on this, let alone a full priced purchase. I’ll be looking forward to trying this at a friend’s house, however. After all, you can’t have a valid opinion on a game unless you’ve played it, right?

Saints Row IV is out on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, so hop on it if you want to finally dust off that giant purple dildo again and start whacking people around.


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