Lost Planet 3 Release Day, First Thoughts


More like Lost Your Fanbase. Thanks, Capcom.

The Lost Planet series from Capcom has always been a staple in the third person shooter genre of games for its exceptional gameplay and interesting lore. The first entry in the series, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, was a great start, and Lost Planet 2 greatly improved the gameplay at the cost of a little story. While arguments over which one was better could easily go for hours, it’s generally agreed upon that Lost Planet is a core title in the third person shooter genre.

While I’m quick to call out Capcom on their knack of butchering their own series, I can admit that they DO make good games; they simply need to learn how to take CARE of their series. Resident Evil has been plagued with subpar entries, Megaman and Onimusha haven’t seen daylight in ages, and Devil May Cry has recently seen its own bloody demise recently. Yeah, they make GREAT titles like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Dragon’s Dogma, and Street Fighter, but they always drop the ball somewhere down the line, and it amazes me how a company can’t learn from its mistakes each time they make one.

Why am I giving you this speech on Capcom? Well, Capcom has the habit of ruining their most beloved series, and today, Lost Planet can safely be added to the list.

Lost Planet 3, releasing today on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, is a prequel to the first game and tells of the settlers’ struggles to colonize the harsh winterized planet of E.D.N. III. While the storyline won’t be spoiled for anyone, as I haven’t looked into it myself just yet, what the true atrocity here is the gameplay. Lost Planet has always been about fighting alien creatures with a plethora of guns, using your anchor to jump and dash across levels, and piloting huge robots, called Vital Suits, into battle. Combined with a great experience overall in the first title and masterful gameplay in the second one, and you had a great two part series that set standards for other games. For the third title, CApcom branched out to another studio, Spark Unlimited, instead of internal production, and, well, it definitely shows.

Compare the first gameplay look of Lost Planet 3 to an early mission in Lost Planet 2.

Like, what the fuck went wrong? One mech? No anchor? Thermal Energy is used as currency? QUICK TIME EVENTS? You guys have NO idea how disappointed I am by this. Lost Planet 2 was and still is one of my favorite games of all time and forever, and it makes me sad that the next game in the series is such a dumbed down version of it.  Capcom did what they’re good at and gave one of their best IPs to a company that’s only developed THREE previous games, leaving fans of the series with a subpar title that one would have the dishonor of owning.


Note: Yaiba: Ninja Gainden 2 is still in development. Nice four game track record, guys.

Will I play it? Yeah, but I’ll try my damned hardest to not buy it. Maybe I”ll pirate it or something. I”ll gladly buy any of other two games again. In fact, I”m buying Lost Planet 2 AGAIN for Steam because the servers aren’t dead, and I”d love to play through it again. I’ll show my disdain for Lost Planet 3 by buying Lost Planet 2. Heh.

Expect a very condescending review about this sometime. In the mean time, thanks again Capcom. I”ll put Lost Planet next to Megaman and Devil May Cry in the “dead IPs” bin next to the bag of dog shit and jar of toe nail clippings.


IGN’s being awfully kind today.


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