Nintendo 2DS?


No, you read that right. 2DS. Not 3DS, but 2DS.

Nintendo has announced that their newest handheld, the Nintendo 2DS, is hitting shelves this October alongside the long awaited Pokemon X and Y games. Designed as a cheaper alternative to the 3DS at $129.99, the 2DS will be foregoing the 3D effects on the top screen as an effect of the price drop. Seeing how the original 3DS is $169.99 and the 3DS XL is $199.99, the 2DS is geared towards young consumers looking to get into video games and people in a financial bind who don’t want to be left out of the loop.

While it’s an odd presentation, I’m feeling pretty split on the 2DS. The lower price tag and launching on the same day as Pokemon X and Y is going to unleash a financial skyrocket, but I really think Nintendo should be focusing on the Wii U’s library, as there’s not many reasons to own one right now. Sure, the Wii U got a $50 price drop (fucking finally), but software wise, it’s really lacking. A console can’t run on less than ten core titles, no matter what someone thinks.

Nintendo is giving off the impression that they know the Wii U is failing so far, and instead of salvaging it, they’re gonna let it sink and keep the 3DS afloat. Taking all of this into account, and with the incoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and Nintendo’s console department looks like they’re in serious trouble. Bringing it back to the 2DS though, and it seems like they’re confident in their decision, so I’m anxious for October to roll by to see how the 3DS does wit ha smaller price tag and one less dimension.


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