Obe’s Jukebox #18 – Valkyria Chronicles – Main Theme


Somewhere along the line, I mentioned that a game’s intro can be one of the key factors in setting the tone of your game. In fact, it was Dragon’s Dogma’s J-Rock switcharoo where I referenced this exact song. While Dragon’s Dogma went with a lively rock theme, Sega chose to go for an orchestrated piece that reflects the heavy emotions the story provokes from players.

Track Name: Main Theme

Game: Valkyria Chronicles (2008)

System: Playstation 3

Composer: Hitoshi Sakamoto

Valkyria Chronicle’s Main Theme goes for a very militant feel, combining rhythmic, marching drum beats with an inspirational strings/brass combo. While giving off a very war-like vibe, it also reflects the very humane viewpoint of the game. Valkyria Chronicles places an emphasis on character relationships and how your soldiers react to common themes of war, and having that slight touch of life in a very intimidating theme sets up new players for what’s to come. This is without a doubt one of my favorite video game themes simply because it gets me excited to get back onto the field with my troops, and worried simply because my favorite soldiers could end up dead at any point due to carelessness or being overwhelmed. The entire game is a such a great take on strategy wartime games, and it’s one of the best Playstation 3 exclusives in the entire market. If you have a PS3, I’d honestly be surprised if you didn’t have this game, and if you don’t have a PS3, you’re seriously missing out. Great mechanics, lovable characters, and a god-tier soundtrack make up one of the best titles of the generation.


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