Shantae: Half Genie Hero Kickstarter


Hair-whippin’, platformin’, belly dancin’. transformin’ fun for all platforms!

The mystical genie Shantae shoots back onto almost every console under the sun with Shantae: Half Genie Hero, funded by WayForward’s recently started Kickstarter. Known for titles like Contra 4, Mighty Switch Force, and Duck Tales Remastered, WayForward is hoping to start production on a HD remake of their first Shantae game while simultaneously developing Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, their upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. This will be the first Shantae game in the series to be released on a console, deviating from the series’ handheld track record.

WayForward has amassed about $130,000 of their required $400,000 within two days, with tons of bonuses promised in the form of their stretch goals. While a very impressive start, the donations have seemed to die down a bit, so hopefully it’ll pick back up to at least meet the minimum goal.

The Shantae series is a series I’m not too familiar with outside of one playthrough of the two released games ages ago, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on it. It’s nice to see that sidescrolling platforming games still have a dedicated sect of programmers working on new titles for it, and especially for a series I enjoyed.


Scuttle Town. Sounds nice actually.

While I’m very picky and even hateful of most Kickstarters, I do like to post the worthwhile ones here for you guys to check out as well. I’l probably pledge $15 for a release copy. One thing that kind of throws me off is Shantae’s lightened skin color. It’s not the fact that she’s of a lighter tone, which kind of sucks since delicious tan skin is awesome, but the fact that the main artist keeps drawing Shantae with her original caramel coating in their Kickstarter related pictures, which is really throwing me left and right. The new art style is pretty cool, but some kind of confirmation on her final design would be nice.


Indian Summer is a great tone for Shantae. Why the skin bleaching happened is something we’ll have to wait to find out

WayForward is planning on releasing Shantae: Half Genie Hero for a bajillion consoles sometime next year, but only if it receives its minimal funding of $400,000. If you’re a fan of the (half)genie’s series, stop by the Kickstarter and give them a hand.



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