Valve Announces Steam Machines


Today, Valve announced that their long rumored console is entering the prototype testing phase. Utilizing Steam’s recently announced SteamOS, the prototype and finished versions will essentially  be a console version of Steam, Valve’s popular PC game retailer.

Valve’s reveal page goes into great detail about questions one might have when they first look at the reveal. They also go into detail about how you can be selected to test a prototype machine.


While some people may be surprised, or even excited, I’m honestly pretty neutral to it. I mean, I”ve got a PC that runs mostly everything on high or near high performances, but I guess this would be nice for people without a good PC.

Which just raises the question. Why not just buy a better PC? Why buy something that plays the same games on a platform that you can upgrade for cheap? Do people really think PC gaming is that intimidating or something? And what if you already have a PC? What’s the appeal? Like, really?


I’m not bashing, but I JUST. DON’T. GET IT.


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