Pokemon X/Y Global Release/200th Post!


The sixth generation of Pokemon is finally here! GameFreak’s highly anticipated Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released in most major countries across the globe. Marking the debut of the Fairy type, the first new type to be released since Pokemon Gold/Silver, and the Kalos region, 3DS owners all over the world can finally add the long awaited next generation of Pokemon to their libraries.

Pokemon X and Y Rom Download

While I’m a bit bored of the Pokemon formula these days, Pokemon X and Y looks like it has enough to set it apart from Pokemon Black and White, which bored me quite quickly. I was a bit hesitant to drop the dosh on one of these, but I later remembered that I got the free $30 credit from the Fire Emblem: Awakening/Shin Megami Tensei IV promotional event that went on a few months ago. After picking up a $20 eShop card on the way home, I waited till today to download my copy of Pokemon Y. I’ve still got $10 left, and nothing’s drawing my attention, so maybe I’ll save it up a little longer. Here’s hoping to some Gameboy Advance titles on the eShop.

This is the first generation since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that I’ve gone into a Pokemon game completely unaware of what I was expecting. I know of some newer features like Mega Evolutions, but overall, I don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen. At least I’ll have my little frog Froakie to kick ass and chew bubblegum with. I mean, why would you want any of the other starters? Look at fucking Froakie. IT EVOLVES INTO A GOD DAMN NINJA FROG.


My dad works at Nintendo and he says this is fact. True story.

The release of Pokemon X/Y also signifies my 200th post in this blog! I’ve come a long way from my 100th post, but I certainly don’t have any plans on stopping. Once again, I couldn’t have done this without you, the readers, so from the bottom of my stomach, I say thanks. I look forward to seeing all of you at my 300th article!


200 Spartan posts so far, but 100 are still to come.


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