Playstation 4 Release Day


Talk about time flying by, eh? After the long wait, Sony’s Playstation 4 is hitting shelves today with a very excited reception by consumers. thanks to clever marketing by Sony and Microsoft digging themselves into a hole with the Xbox One blunders, the PS4 is seemingly more popular as of now, but we’ll have  to wait for official sales numbers later next year to really get a grasp.

While excited for a new system launching, I doubt that I’d pick up a PS4 this year for three main reasons: I don’t want to drop the dosh on it just yet, launch hardware is usually faulty, and there aren’t enough games that interest me to warrant purchasing one. Even with these reasons, I’m still going to be watching it like a hawk, as a new system means a new wave of video games on the market.

If you’re picking up a PS4, tell me about it here! If not, why so? Same reasons as mine?


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