Dark Souls Restaurant?


Prepare to Cry… at the price of your meal.

Yeah, you read it right. Starting early next year, Japanese fans of Dark Souls get to build their hype up for Dark Souls 2 in this Souls themed restaurant. The restaurant will feature the standard menu that takes inspiration from both Dark Souls 1 and 2, and will also feature a limited time monthly special, such as the Ring of Stone (an onion ring with mustard sauce cooked on bamboo charcoal) and the Successor of the Sun (pasta and bacon covered in golden tomatoes). It even has exclusive drinks, with one being named after everyone’s favorite black dragon, Kalameet.


Good for you, Kalameet.

Seeing as how most of the items on the menu are inspired from Dark Souls 2, I decided to try my hand at some Dark Souls 1 recipes. Note that these probably won’t be funny unless you play the game, so…

The Snuggly

Fresh chicken surrounded by a nest of fries and stuffed with random articles of junk and a recording of something squawking “Give me, warm. Give me, soft.”


If you drop something in your meal and come back in five minutes, something different will be there. Try it out!

Lautrec Lobster Linguine

Linguine with two crossed lobster claws covered in Alfredo sauce and served with dipping sauce of choice. Comes with a complementary man who appears very friendly but will eat your food, kill your waiter, and taunt you on top of your car with his friends the first chance he gets.


But the lobster is damn good, so it might be worth it

Gravy-lord Nito

A mountain of meatloaf with smaller meatloaf minions drenched in country gravy. Comes with a roasted chicken skeletal claw. Must jump from the roof of the building and take a shot of Estus before ordering


Dewlord Dorito is also available. Mountain Dew and Doritos for the hungry person on the go.

Ceaseless Soup and Salad

Infinite soup and salad for the weight watchers looking to pig out a bit. The salad is world class but the soup must be consumed immediately after removing it from the pot it was cooked in to guarantee your tongue being burned.


Also the chef watches you until you try to leave, then he chases you with a hot pan.

The Four Courses

Appetizer, main course, salad, and dessert, but if you don’t finish the plates fast enough the waiters keep bringing more food out. The more dishes, the higher the bill, so eat fast!


Hope you’re a quick eater.

Maybe someone will end up making one of my dishes. Hell, I might do it. Some don’t sound too bad, eh? Also, NO CREDIT TO ME, but someone also mentioned “Praise the Sundaes” and it was too great not to put here. Nice one, Andrew.

Anyways, according to the source article:

…simply take the Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station and it’s about a six-minute walk from the A2 exit. If you’re driving head to the Sanno pond towards the street from Roppongi Shibuya and IMMEDIATELY turn left at the first left after the Roppongi 6-chome intersection and boom, Dark Souls 2 cafe.

…but then again, that assumes you live in Japan, and I’m pretty sure not a lot of my readers do. However, if you actually do live in Japan or decide to swing by for vacation, stop by the Dark Souls 2 restaurant and check it out for all of us here. And don’t forget pictures!


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