Tabletop/Traditional Gaming Section?

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So some of you may know that I play pen and paper games with a group of mine pretty often and I’ve often wondered if I should add some sort of traditional gaming section to my blog. This would be a section to talk about traditional games in general, tell you about my latest adventures, and talk about various roleplaying whatnots. I know my blog is mainly focused on video games, but I’ve noticed a lot of Pen and Paper (PnP) players also play a lot of video games, and sometimes vice versa. It’s just an idea that I’ve thrown around for a while, but if there are any reader of mine who happen to like old school games, then I’d love to hear an opinion or somekind. I don’t have a lot of experience with multiple systems, but I’d just like to talk about some PnP stuff every once in a while; however, I’ll only do it if you guys don’t mind/show interest. Any takers?


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