Is The Xbox One 24 Hour Check-In Back?


Unrelated, but Fulgore is the best.

After Microsoft promised the abolishment of the Xbox One’s 24 hour internet check in requirement,, many people were convinced that the Xbox One was redeemed; however, it seems that it’s peeked its unwanted head through the door. According to the source articles on cinemablend and FGCNN, a live streaming of a Killer Instinct tournament was interrupted  by a verification screen asking for proof of ownership, which is the process for the 24 hour check-in. While being kind of hard to believe, cyguration of Youtube (Or NYCFurby on Twitch) shows the situation as it unfolds:

According to cinemablend, a user from TestYourMight reports that this was not an isolated incident. Ungracefully stolen from the article:

“We’ve already had issues with it a few times at tournaments. The DRM system is still in place for games that are digitally downloaded, such as Killer Instinct. Disc-based games don’t require it, but downloads still do. We had a particularly annoying issue with my XB1 at the Break a few weeks ago because I hadn’t logged in previously that day for the check-in AND the online servers for KI were having issues. So I couldn’t access the game offline because I needed to check in and I couldn’t check in because of the problem they were having. VERY annoying that these systems are still in place. Microsoft was not up front about this, and it’s really disheartening. The system is not necessary when the bulk of their games are going to be on disc.”

Well first off:


Absolutely brilliant design choice. 10/5 better than the second coming of Jesus.

Second of all, I can’t say I’m surprised. Make your product look better by “removing” the DRM, then reinstate it when everyone’s already bought it. Top notch work, Microsoft. Top fucking notch. If it was any other company, I’d be just as upset, but given Microsoft’s brilliant track record in the past, it doesn’t exactly make them look great, especially when you consider their lack of giving anything resembling a shit about it.

FGCNN decided to give the Xbox One the benefit of the doubt regarding the DRM incident and did their due diligence by contacting Microsoft about the issue before running the story but received no response.

It’s like Microsoft doesn’t even care in the slightest about what people think of them. Sure, it’s a company and it’s all about the dosh, but don’t you think a little bit of attention would be spent on their public relations?


Fuck it. No one else cares apparently. Why should I?

Whatever. I need hot chocolate and a shower.


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