Hyrule Warriors Revealed


Insert Zantetsuken references here.

With today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced a surprise title: a collaboration with Tecmo Koei, developers of Dynasty Warriors and Gitaroo Man, that seems to resemble a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda. Currently dubbed Hyrule Warriors, the project only has a small teaser video released as of now. While only Link is shown, along with a new snazzy scarf, Zelda and Ganondorf have been rumored to be playable as well as a few other characters, although nothing is set in stone with a game this new into development.

Honestly, Dynasty Warriors is a shallow series to me, and since Hyrule Warriors bears such an uncanny resemblance to it, I can’t help but associate the two. Like, aesthetically it looks alright, but the gameplay is such a bore that I can’t really say anything about it. Sure, you get some flashy attacks, but just like Dynasty Warriors, the only things that aren’t just “let me run into you without attacking so you can mow me down” are the bosses.


Dodong bodongogo Dodongo godongboodongogogo

I will say that Link’s new look suits him quite well. I was hesitant about the blue scarf, but seeing as it matches the Master Sword’s blue cross guard, it quickly grew on me. Combined with the single shoulder pad, it kind of reminds me of Artorias from Dark Souls, or Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, making it badass by association. I would’ve chosen a different color instead of red tips on a blue scarf, but hey, you can’t win every battle.


While capes and shawls are badass, scarves are still my favorite accessories. Why do you think I like Viewtiful Joe so much?

During the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that Hyrule Warriors was NOT next big Zelda title for the series, which is good news for people who can’t get enough Zelda. We’ll have to wait for mroe details on both games, but for now, enjoy the thought of slashing through Hyrule’s most nonthreatening baddies in style!


This entire article was just bashing Dynasty Warriors and circle jerking about scarves. We should do this more often.


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