Rosalina Confirmed for Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U


Alongside the other goodies from today’s Nintendo Direct, the popular cosmic princess from the Mario series, Rosalina, was revealed to be a newcomer in the newest Super Smash Bros. game coming out next year.

Before I talk about Rosalina, let me address the giant fucking slap in the face at the beginning of the video. See Kirby on his Warp Star racing through space? Hear that nostalgic Opening theme from Kirby Air Ride? First thing that comes to mind is:


but then you see Mario and friends racing on Rainbow road and you think to yourself “WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SOME CROSSOVER SHIT?” Finally, the reveal just comes out with it. Why such a weird reveal? Why did you have to taunt us with false hope of ever seeing a Kirby Air Ride 2? Goddammit Sakurai.


Anyways, back to the princess. Rosalina looks to fight in some “puppet-and-puppeteer” fashion, with attacks coming from both Rosalina and her star shaped Luma friend. While you may think of Olimar or the Ice Climbers’ fighting style, I actually think her style is closer to Golbez’ style in the Final Fantasy Dissidia series. Golbez’s attacks all have both a long range and short range option that activate simultaneously, meaning your equipped attack loadout can stay the same while switching between medium ranged and close ranged styles. The only difference her is that Rosalina is a regal princess assisted by a cute little star guy and Golbez is a walking mountain of armor, muscle, and dark magic.


While Rosalina isn’t my favorite princess, her Golbez/Ice Climber-esque fighting style looks fun to use, so I’m looking forward to seeing her in Smash Bros. 4.



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